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Is your pet on long term medication?

Is your pet on long term medication?

Long term medications

If your pet is on long term medication for conditions such as arthritis then repeat medications can be complicated and expensive to re-order. We’re working to make this much simpler (and cheaper!):

  • If your pet is in our Members’ Club then prescriptions for online pharmacies will be free
  • Another benefit of the Members’ Club is they will receive a free annual blood and urine screen to make sure their medication is still suitable
  • We encourage the use of online pharmacies to keep your costs down, but will keep common medication in stock (or otherwise have next day delivery)
  • Every medication label and prescription will have a unique code you will be able to use online to accurately and easily reorder your pet’s medication – making sure they get the right drug, strength and amount every time
  • Legally we need to re-examine your pet at certain intervals so we can prescribe to them; we will let you know how often this will be and if we can do it remotely – Pets in our Members’ Club will get 15% off this re-examination
  • We will be able to post medications to you if required

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