Members Club

What is included?
  • 15% off all in house services and procedures including consultations, operations and home visits.
  • Routine booster and puppy/ kitten vaccinations (including microchip).
  • Complete parasite protection programme.
  • Check up every 6 months with a nurse to review preventative health issues.
  • Annual blood and urine screen.
  • Free prescription writing for use with online pharmacies.
  • Free insurance claim processing and direct claims.
  • Nurse claw clipping, anal gland emptying and tick removal.
What does it cost?
  • Rabbits - £7.00 per month
  • Cats - £15.50 per month
  • Small Dogs (up to 10kg) - £15.50 per month
  • Medium Dogs (10kg - 25kg) - £17.50 per month
  • Large Dogs (25kg - 40kg) - £19.50 per month
  • Giant Dogs (40kg+) - £24.00 per month

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